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With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story (2010)

With the recent demise of comic icon Stan Lee, there are many reasons to be reunited with one of the men who created Spider-Man, Iron Man, The Avengers, The Hulk, The X-Men and many other world-famous superheroes. This 2010 documentary chronicles the life and career of the man who helped make Marvel Comics a household name and changed the face of the comic world for Gomovies  generations. While the film offers a story of origin for Stan “The Man “Lee, it also provides a moving look at his life, away from all the superheroes and adventures bigger than life, as a loving husband and father.


Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (1988)

Steve Martin and Michael Caine play two criminals engaged in a competition to defraud an heiress in this delicious 1988 comedy directed by Frank Oz. While the premise of the film is certainly not groundbreaking, Martin and Caine's portrayals of swindlers have made this a classic of comedies, with Martin playing a "silly-like" role while Caine uses of more refined and cultured means to reach their objectives. Located in the middle of the French Riviera, the film earned Caine a Golden Globe Award nomination and then inspired a hit Broadway musical with the same name, starring this time by John Lithgow and Norbert Leo Butz.

Better Off Dead... (1985)

Although it was harshly criticized when it hit theaters, this teen comedy became a classic thanks to its strange narrative, which mixed the easy laughs of a typical comedy with high doses of black humor (its title responds to desire of the main character to commit suicide after a break) and some strange animation sequences created by director Savage Steve Holland. Cusack himself was not a big fan of the film, but eventually softened his criticism over the years and the film eventually became a cult hit. With Lane Myer next to Cusack in the role of the suicidal teenager, the cast of Better off Dead also includes Curtis Armst.

The Big Boss (1971)

Bruce Lee's first major film, Fists of Fury (titled The Big Boss outside of the US) gained attention from both Hollywood and much of Asia, as it showed him applying certain martial arts skills and a seemingly charismatic unlimited. The film features Lee as Cheng Chao-an, a young man who travels from China to Thailand to work in an ice factory with his cousins. However, a promise he made to his mother not to fight again was corrupted in a drug trafficking operation that put his cousins ​​in danger.


Fists of Fury became the highest grossing film in Hong Kong's history when it premiered, as well as a blockbuster in the US theaters. UU The initial cut of the film was incredible, even by today's standards, but it has been significantly reduced over time for the national and international public. The movie version on YouTube is one of the most docile cuts, but it's still a phenomenal display of how Lee became a movie icon Gomovies  .